How Do I Get Started Using a 3D Printer

March 4, 2020

BY Nick Quinn

If you bought your 3D printer and you're wondering what to do next well that is what this article is about. The first thing you want to do even prior to receiving your printer is to watch a couple of unboxing videos online of your specific printer. Usually this will act as your instruction manual as there are many videos available showing the step by step assembly. Depending on the printer you bought it may be 90% assembled or less. The next thing you need to know is you're going to suck at everything the first couple of times you try to print something. Bed leveling is one of the more difficult things to get right because someone is telling you on a video or wherever yours educating yourself to use a peace of paper and adjust the bed until you feel tension. Everyone's perception of appropriate tension is different if you don't have someone there showing you how it should feel. You'll get the feel for it after a couple of test prints. While you're learning you'll need replacement nozzles because you're going to have to fail a little to learn and perfect it. The nozzles you'll want to get are .04 size just like the one that comes with your printer. The other side of the learning curve outside of the machine is the slicing software. I like Cura, its free and easy to use. Again there's a ton of YouTube videos showing what settings to use. You'll need to find 3d stl files so that you have a design to print. There's a ton of free files on, Cults3d and other 3d file hosting sites. Now that you have a little guidance its time to read and watch videos on 3d printing to get educated. Thingiverse link below for 3d stl files.