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Welcome to Quinn Goods

Where we bring your favorite video game items to life!

ABOUT US......

We produce 3d printed replicas and props for the video game and movie production industries. We use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We strive to make our customers smile.

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Mark II Ray Gun

Equipped with LED lights and sound effects. 

This months featured product is the Mark II replica from Black Ops. This version is equipped with LED lighting and shooting sound effects when the trigger button is pressed. Below you'll find a video showcasing the led and sound effects. 

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COD Black Ops Catalog Products(3d Printed, Full Size, Fully Painted). 

Mark II replica with green LED lighting


Mark II replica with blue LED lighting


Ray Gun replica


Perk A Cola 12pk set


Acidgat full size replica


Magmagat full size replic


MR6 replica


MX 9 full size replica


Apex Legends Catalog Products

(3d Printed, Full Size, Fully Painted).

R301 Full Size Replica Prop (custom skins available)


Mozambique Full Size Replica Prop


Wraith Blade Replica Prop


Peacekeeper Full Size Replica Prop (custom skins available)


RE45 Full Size ReplicaProp


P 2020 Full Size Repica Prop


Wingman Replica with Display Stand Included


Fortnite Catalog Products                                          (3d printed full size , fully painted replicas).

Legendary SCAR full size replica


Minigun full size replica


Chug jug


Copper Noctruno replica


MISC Replicas (3d printed, full size replicas).

Power Rangers Sword of Darkness


He-Man Sword Full Size Replica


Dead by Daylight Trapper Replica Mask


Dead by Daylight Huntress Replica Mask


Dead by Daylight Legion Replica Mask


Overwatch Catalog Products

Widowmaker Replica


Sombra Machine Pistol





We provide custom props for movie productions and popular social media videos. Producers are welcome to contact us directly for inquiries. Our recent work is non disclosable as the current movies productions we are involved in are still in production. 

 For movie production related inquiries contact sales@shopquinngoods.com



Contact us for questions and custom orders.